Hot Stone Massage 

Stone Massage & Thai Hot Oil Massage

Stone Massage & Thai Aroma Hot Oil Massage

  Stone Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

Stone Massage & Sports Massage

90 minutes /  95 euro

Stone Massage & Thai Back Neck and Shoulders Massage

60 minutes  / 70 euro 

What Happens During Treatment?

Our hot stone massage combines both traditional massage techniques with those that are used during this treatment. During this massage, your massage therapist will prepare the hot stones for treatment and will typically slight through the muscles using stroke and pressure techniques. The hot stones can also be use on the stomach, the feet, the chest, the face, and even the toes and the palms of your hands if needed.

The therapist uses the heated stones as an extension of their hands to massage the body. The shape and design of the stone allow the therapist to work deeply into your muscles if you prefer a massage with firmer pressure.

The heat from the stones can promote a deeper state of relaxation and warm particularly tight muscles. This is a wonderful, warming treatment all year round

*Deep muscle relaxation*

Hot stone massage is about more than placing stones in a straight line on a person’s back during a treatment. Although stone placement does have a therapeutic purpose, more on that shortly.

The heat from the stones can promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation, improve circulation, and reduce stress or anxiety. It aids in relieving back pain and general muscle tightness and tension.

When the stones are placed along your back, not only does this allow the heat to penetrate your muscles and joints, the weight of the stones creates a very relaxing and grounding feeling.

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